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My preferred approach to photography is very natural and 'hands off'. Whether you want to call it documentary, reportage or even photojournalism.


My aim is to deliver something special that reflects your personality or the occasion.

However, there is always a place for the more formal, staged shot and I love the attention to detail required for studio/stock photography as lighting is my speciality. 


You can press play to see the slideshows for each shoot, or double click for a full size slideshow.

Just a few examples..... 

People: Always a challenge to photograph!

(For Events and Weddings - see my separate pages)

Buildings:  All types of architecture - Interior and exterior shots

Studio & Website Stock Photography:  I really enjoy studio work, whether it is doing portraits or something more quirky. I also enjoy product photography for marketing purposes.

Bespoke shoots: Covering all aspects of photography

The Black and Whites......

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