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John Manktelow

I live in Yorkshire, with my wife and our two children. I studied Art and Design in Leeds but have always been drawn to photography.  My art background allows me to think creatively not only in picture composition but also when editing. My hobbies include reading, astronomy, singing and playing the guitar and piano.

I love all types of photography, especially television still photography and weddings. I believe that whilst an image should be an honest and unscripted portrayal of a moment, it should also be thoughtfully composed and visually beautiful. 


I teach photography so have a thorough, in depth knowledge of the technical side of photography and the ability to get the most out of my professional kit. For weddings and events I seek out those intimate and joyful moments, capturing the essence of the occasion. I love the natural shots that capture your soul - the inner you, the beauty people see.  My aim is to provide you with a collection of photos you will cherish for the rest of your life, and when you look at them they evoke the same intense emotion that you experienced on the day.

One of my talents is working with light. Whatever conditions I am given, 

I am able to provide a true representation of the scene

I am highly personable with an infectious personality and sense of humour. 

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